Build Your Home

Embarking on a new home journey is an exciting and significant milestone in life. It's a time filled with anticipation, dreams, and the thrill of creating a space that reflects your unique vision and lifestyle. However, navigating the complexities of building a new home can also be daunting and overwhelming at times. That's where Fortner Properties, as a local builder in North Carolina, comes in to make the process easier and more enjoyable.

It's as easy as 1,2,3,4

Step 1: Find your home

1) Decide to move 

  • Think about your current living situation 
  • Examine the reasons why you may want to or need to move 
  • Ensure the timing is right for you and your family 


2) Start dreaming 

  • Start thinking of your wants and needs in your new home 
  • Look at Locations where we are building with ease on our website- do any of them feel right to you? 
  • Browse house plans to see which ones would best suit you and your families needs 


3) Set your budget 

  • Establish how much money you can spend and are willing to spend on your new home 
  • Consider what you could make on the sell of your home if you have a house to sell 
  • Be sure to consider HOA’s, taxes, and insurance in your calculations - Get pre-qualified for a loan - our preferred lenders are happy to help and offer incentives for your build with us 

4) Pick your community 

  • Factor in items such as school districts, proximity to amenities, neighborhood amenities, and more 
  • We know you have been eyeing different communities, but now is the time to decide! Feel free to look over our “locations” tab again and look at the multiple towns/cities we are currently building in
  • Make use of the community biographies and resources on our website to aid in your decision making process 
  • Need to move soon? Click here for homes that are already on the market - Visit a community or meet with one of our realtors to learn more about our locations 


5) Decide on a house plan 

  • At Fortner Properties we strive to offer a plan for everyone in each neighborhood we build in so there are always options to choose from - Reflect on if a two story, split level (one and a half story) or one story home is better for you and your families needs 
  • Think about how many bedrooms and bathrooms will be needed to best suit your families needs 
  • Make use of that wants and needs list that you thought of in the “start dreaming” phase to help decide between plans 


6) Get your pen ready 

  • Work with our sales team to decide if you want any upgrades and put them in your contract when writing it 
  • It's time to submit and sign your contract- your buyers agent or our sales team will help to walk you through everything you should need 
  • Once a contract is signed and received by Fortner Properties the designing begins!

Step 2: Let us help you design your dream home

1) Find your style 

  • Take the Design Style quiz on our website to learn more about your unique style 
  • Check out our photo gallery on our website for pictures of previous house builds. Notice what speaks to you and save it to show our designer at your personal design meeting 
  • Want to see more? Check out our facebook page for even more pictures and videos of house builds. Again, feel free to save these for your design meeting 


2) Schedule your design meeting with our in-house designer 

  • Once you have an idea of your style, it’s time to meet with the Fortner Properties designer. You can call the Fortner Properties office line and press the option for the “designer and selections coordinator” or send her an email when it is released to you by our staff or your buyers agent
  • Please remember our designer works regular working hours (Monday Friday from 9am- 5pm). We ask that you make plans to meet with her during those times. 
  • Feel free to bring a plus one and your buyers agent if desired 
  • Get to see items for your matched interior package finishes in person before they are in your home 
  • Select any miscellaneous items such as metal finish color, countertops, etc.

Step 3: Let's build

1) You’ve designed it, now it’s time for us to build it! 

  • Sit back, relax, and know that you are in the careful hands of Fortner Properties employees who love what they do 
  • Enjoy the new home building process by taking photos and videos of your build- feel free to share them on social media and tag us or use 
  • #fortnerforeverhome for others to see your homes progress too

Step 4: Welcome home!

1) Pre- closing orientation 

  • Commonly called a “blue tape walk through”, this is when you will have the chance to meet with the contractor who oversaw your home build 
  • During this orientation the contractor will (formally) introduce you to your new home 


2) Closing 

  • Get that pen ready one more time but this time is way more fun! - Leave closing as an official new home owner and head to pick up your keys and move in! 


3) Welcome home! 

  • The day has finally come! Welcome to the neighborhood! 
  • Tell us how much you love it! We love seeing our Fortner Properties home owners loving their new builds! Take some pictures for social media and tag us and use #fortnerforeverhome for us to keep in touch with you and your family!

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