Spec Homes

Are you in a time crunch?
Do you not like making decisions?
Do you want to be in a neighborhood with similar homes to yours?

Do you want a turnkey home?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, a spec home could be for you.

Short for Speculative homes, spec homes are:

  • New, move in ready homes
  • Designed and constructed without a specific buyer in mind
  • Filled with some of the same options that are found in semi-custom homes
  • Designed by the same designer who helps to create custom and semi-custom homes
  • Filled with finishes and fixtures that are sourced from the same places as semi-custom and custom homes items are
  • Typically built in three months
  • Filled with very few decisions as little to no modifications can be made
  • Usually in a range of sizes starting at 1,547 square feet and currently go up to 2,032 square feet
  • Built in neighborhoods with other homes that are of similar size and quality
  • Available for pre-sales and can have some choices for the buyer to make if it is bought before the ground is broken
  • Built with quality but made in quantity- they share rotating interior packages that are hand-picked by our team

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